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  • How do I use your salts and seasonings?
    This is perhaps our #1 asked question. To answer your question, it really depends on what salt/seasoning you purchased and what you like to cook! As always, we are here for you. If you need some recipe ideas, shoot us an email at and our grill master will get back to you! Our flagship (and most popular) product - the Mediterranean Basil Seasoning - is the most versatile. You can put this seasoning on almost anything. Additionally, it can be used before cooking (think marinade!), during cooking (for bringing out the flavor using heat), and after cooking (as a finishing salt). Sprinkle it on meats, starches, vegetables, popcorn, salads, pastas; use it to rim your margarita or in your bloody Mary. Just remember, a little does go a long way though! Our number two product - the Italian Black Truffle salt - is best used as a finishing salt (as cooking it will diffuse all of that glorious flavor!). Sprinkle it on your steak after cooking, use it on potatoes and fries (did someone say truffle fries??), sprinkle it on popcorn, vegetables, salads, mac and cheese, and more! This salt really elevates any dish you make. A little goes a long way with this salt too! The smoked salt line-up (Alderwood, Applewood, and Hickory) are also pretty versatile, but mostly if you are a griller. Since these salts are smoked over the wood for which they are named, they really bring to life the flavor of your grilled meats, vegetables, and starches. Alderwood shines as the best salt for fish like salmon and white fish. Applewood is the smokiest of the three and will cover all of your meats and vegetables. Hickory has a bolder flavor and does great on meats as well. The spicy salts (Habanero and Ghost Pepper) may not be as versatile as the other salts, but we have heard from our customers that their ultimate favorite use of these salts is to up the heat level of chili as well as wing sauce.
  • What is the shelf life of you products?
    Since salt is a preservative, when kept in proper storage conditions (glass jars, low humidity, somewhere cool and dry, etc), our products will last you longer than it will take you to run out (and reorder, of course).
  • Do you have a schedule for your upcoming shows?
    Yes! You can find our schedule for upcoming shows both on the website and on Facebook. You can always email us at and we would be happy to let you know where you can find us in person!
  • Where can I purchase your products?
    You can visit us at an upcoming event/tradeshow/market (please check our website and/or Facebook page for our schedule) or you can conveniently order online by visiting our Shop!
  • Do you have a Facebook page?
    We do! You can find us there using @MedBasilSalt or clicking the Facebook icon on our website.
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